AREA “Caution Radiation Area” LP

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Caution Radiation Area is the second album of the Jazz fusion band Area and was released in 1974. This is the first album that contains the better known line up, with Ares Tavolazzi replacing Patrick Djivas on bass

1 review for AREA “Caution Radiation Area” LP

  1. horsehead nebula
    4 out of 5


    Perhaps Area’s finest moment. Darker and more daring than the debut, but also a bit unaccessable at times. The A side blows you away with it’s combination of Mahavishnu (BoF) intensity and kraut-ish mentality. The B side is a bit too experimental, and makes the record a bit unbalanced. I can really enjoy parts of “Mirage!”; Stratos’s vocal experiments are quite interesting and the backing music is intense. “Lobotomia” is hard to grade, since it’s meant to be unpleasant. It manages to be so; gives the record a political punchline, but a musical limp.

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